This site is dedicated to the life and works of George Nigel Daffern (1908-1974) and Eileen Mary Daffern (nee Clough) (1914-2012).  Its purpose is to act as a site of permanent record for the thoughts, dreams, aspirations and hopes of a remarkable couple who met during the Blitz in World War II in London and in various ways spent their lives thereafter helping to build a peaceful and just global society.  That work is still ongoing and although George and Eileen are dead, the memories of their hopes and visions live on in both their family and wide circle of friends and colleagues who they have left behind to carry on.

This site has been initiated by the Daffern Family Trust consisting of the three children of George and Eileen – Jane, Michael and Thomas.  The trust maintains and preserves a comprehensive archive of papers, documents, photographs and posters gathered together by George and Eileen over their long and eventful lives.  Some of the photographs for example are quite rare, and document life in Victorian and Edwardian Britain.  They also include photographic records of life in New Zealand, South Africa and Australia in the 1930’s, and Canada and the USA in the 1940s and 1950s.  Extensive photographs of Brighton from the 1960’s onwards, as well as France and many other European countries.

It is hoped that by visiting this site you will be inspired yourself to contact us and perhaps to visit the archive at the European Peace Museum, 13 Grande Rue, Betete, La Creuse, Limousin, France, 23270, Tel. +33 (0)5 8756 5489

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  1. Fascinating – my mother’s family are Dafforn. The earliest recorded Dafforn is Thomas of nether claybroke, Leicestershire who leased a water ill there in 1429. There is still a working mill on the same site today!!

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